Pay by Phone Slots

Do you wish that you could make the whole casino deposit process a lot easier? With pay by phone slots this is possible and once you get started, you’ll be winning yourself some cash in no time. Pay by mobile slots is one of the best ways to deposit your funds and with our brand new site, you can find the best places to that you can use this method. Many people are opting for this type of deposit because of how quick and easy it is – who wants to spend time typing in their card details or sending a cheque when you can use your mobile phone? If you’d like to know more about the advantages of mobile deposit slots and how you can get started, keep reading below.

What are pay by phone bill slots?

21bets casino pay by phone slotsDepositing money into your casino account has never been easier. When you use some of the great pay by phone slots, you’ll be able to use your phone bill, mobile phone or landline phone bill to keep track of your spending and deposit without having to worry about getting all of your details. We offer you some of the best mobile slots pay by phone bill and you will be spoilt for choice when you take a look at our options.

It is really easy to get started with pay by phone slots when you sign up you simply enter your details and you won’t need to worry about them again. As long as you know all of the details about your phone bill and you are the bill payer, you can enjoy the freedom of depositing when and where you want. The number of slot games and casino sites offering this deposit method is constantly growing as more people realise how simple and easy this type of deposit is. There are lots of great things about choosing this payment method so make sure to keep reading as we take you through how to get started.

How do I get started with pay by mobile slots?

Once you’ve found the right pay by phone bill slots site from our collection, you should first sign up and enter the phone number of the bill you would like to charge your deposits from. You’ll only be able to deposit a maximum of £30 daily using this method and once you do, you’ll see your total deposits coming off your phone bill at the end of the month. Don’t worry if you think that your mobile phone provider won’t offer this service as most of the major networks such as EE and Vodafone will let you use pay by phone slots. You’ll be able to easily find out if your provider offers this service.

Why is there a deposit limit?

Although you might be put off by the deposit limit, it is there to ensure you gambling responsibly. By limiting you to £30 a day when you use mobile deposit slots, you can be sure that you don’t overspend and end up with no money at the end of the month. You can also only deposit £10 at a time which lets you stay in control and be happy with what you are spending. Use the deposit limits to keep track of payments and try not to see them as a negative.

how to use pay by phone slots at Boku casino
How to use pay by phone slots

What are the advantages of using mobile deposit slots?

If you’re starting to think that pay by mobile slots sounds pretty good, then you’ll be happy to hear that there are a lot of advantages to using this payment method. One of the great things about it is that you will know exactly how much you have spent each month on your gaming. Often with individual deposits, you will lose track of your spending and so you might end up spending more than you than you originally thought. Using mobile slots pay by phone bill will let you keep track of what you are spending, and you can plan ahead for each month.

Another great thing about pay by phone bill slots is that slots are available to play on your mobile anyway. Being able to play your favourite slots on your phone means that you can access them at any time and so if you are playing with your phone, why not deposit with it? Once you get started on this you won’t need to worry about switching between devices and grabbing your wallet every time you want to deposit. Use your phone for playing and deposit at the same time.

With pay by phone bill slots, you can be sure that you are choosing the easiest and care-free payment method. Choosing this method will also mean that you won’t encounter any sort of additional fees that other payment providers charge to your account. We want you to get the most for your money and if you play some of our favourite pay by phone slots, you’ll be happy with the service that you receive.

Are pay by phone slots secure?

Mobile providers who allow phone bill slots deposits
Mobile providers who allow phone bill slots deposits using Payforit

If you have any sort of concerns about the security of pay by phone slots, there is absolutely no need to worry. Using your phone bill to deposit to your bank account actually means that the casino that you are using won’t be seeing your bank details at all. Mobile slots pay by phone bill is a safe and secure way of playing your favourite slot and casino games and we want you to have fun without the extra worry about security.

Make sure to stay on top of your account security as other payment providers might ask for your bank details and this is risky, especially if you are using an unreliable site. Choose one of our pay by phone slots to keep your account details secure.

Why you should consider using Boku?

Pay by phone slots are on the rise and casinos across the internet are choosing to offer this service because they know how much it will benefit their players. We strive to inform you of any new casinos that will let you pay by phone to help you stay on top of the best sites to play. When you pay by phone bill, you can stay on top of your spending and allow yourself to budget from month to month. Casino sites are fun and using this service allows you to keep it fun and not overspend which could take the fun away.

Make sure to take advantage of the deposit limit if you want to keep playing for longer. Depositing by phone bill has been created to give you a safe, secure and easy way to deposit your money without worrying about anything. Don’t let yourself get caught out by casino sites that are not secure and that might cause problems or extra charges when you hand over your bank details.

Have a look around our site to find out about the best pay by phone slots that are on offer right now. If you need any more guidance or if you have any questions about this new and simple payment method, then why not go to the source and visit Start depositing by phone and you can enjoy your games faster and hopefully win yourself some huge jackpots!